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Online Traffic Schools

Online Traffic Schools by Tomasz M.

When looking to enroll in an online traffic school there are a few things to ensure so that you do not lose your money, your time and your chance of clearing your driving record. Firstly, you must determine that you are, in fact, eligible for traffic school. Most states have certain criteria that determines whether you can take traffic school or not. In some places you cannot take traffic school if you have received more than one citation for which you have already attended traffic sch...
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More And More Drivers

More And More Drivers by Tomasz M.

More and more drivers are signing up as members of Get DMV.  More schools, more students, and you all speak out.  Thanks to everyone for your Facebook likes, and Google +1s.  We appreciate it, and we are glad that you are enjoying the services that we are offering.  Get DMV is a rather new website, yet still thanks to you all, we are reaching out to hundreds of students all over United States.  Driving students find our website easy to operate, and are finding ...
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Safety In Numbers

Safety In Numbers by Tomasz M.

This just in. Last years statistics show that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among teens and young adults. This is not a joke. More than 2.3 million people were treated for injuries in hospitals all over the states? Can you imagine? 2.3 million! Let's do some math. That's about 192 thousand injuries each month. Let's keep going though. It's over 6000 injuries a day! 266 injuries each hour! About 4 injuries every minute. Okay, let's just put it that w...
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Skid Control

Skid Control by Tomasz M.

You might have heard before that when the car begins to skid you should "steer into the skid". This might be easier said than done. Imagine that you are on the road and your car starts to skid - how fast can you react?  Most of the driver tend to either steer the wrong way or do nothing at all. So this is what you do, focus your eyes where you want the car to go and steer in that direction.  That's all. Whether you're sliding towards a ditch, crowd of people...
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Driving In The Rain

Driving In The Rain by Tomasz M.

Perhaps the most common hazardous factor any driver faces is the rain. In fact what makes it so dangerous is that most drivers don't even act any differently just because it is raining. As a safe driver you should follow few simple ideas while driving in the rain.  First, make sure you have good visibility. You can do so by defogging and cleaning your windows before driving. Turn on your head lights so that other drivers can see you. Remember that the road gets slippery fast. ...
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Car Bubble Two Second Rule

Car Bubble Two Second Rule by Tomasz M.

Making sure you leave enough space all around your vehicle makes a huge difference in your ability to react quickly when something goes wrong. To start, make sure you leave enough following distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. You should be familiar with a two second rule.  The way it works is that you pick a reference point on the road ahead such as a pole, parked car or painted line on the road, and when the vehicle in front of you passes it begin counting,...
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Objects Are Closer Then Appear

Objects Are Closer Then Appear by Tomasz M.

One advice that will never grow old is: keep checking your mirrors.  Especially when you change lanes.  After activating your turn signals, pay close attention to your mirrors to be sure that the lane is clear before even starting to move over. Keep in mind that there could be other drivers on the road who suddenly speed up just as you are changing lanes. If you have a small convex mirrors attached at the bottom of your large side mirrors, you can use these to see in your bli...
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Beware of Hitchhikers

Beware of Hitchhikers by Tomasz M.

Hello prospective drivers.  Since you are browsing Get DMV website blog, it must mean that you have begun your journey to obtaining your driver's license.  Keep in mind that acquiring your driver's license, or your driver's permit, is just a first step on a neverending path.   Even though with practice driving becomes natural, you always have to be ready for any obstacles that the road throws your way. Today's advise: beware of hitchhikers. If you live...
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