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Make sure you browse through our blog articles to see all sort of ideas we may be throwing your way. Here we also explain in better detail what Find Your Net is all about. What we do and what do we want to accomplish. If we have any ideas or announcements, we will also blog about it. Of course from time to time we will also put some hints and suggestions here as well, but if you are looking for more instructive information on how to improve your online experience you may want to check out the articles pages. For instructions on how to use the administrator don't forget to take a look at the training pages. And as always, if you have any questions about anything at all - do not hesitate to ask us.
Writing Blogs That Matter

Writing Blogs That Matter by Tomasz M.

I've been told before "I never blogged in my life - I wouldn't know what to do".  Funny thing is that the person who said that to me is a natural jibber-jabber. There are times where people simply look for an excuse not to sit down and write few word that matter, but other times they really don't know where to begin, so let me explain. First, let me point out that I wouldn't call myself an expert on blogging. I just want to point out what I've observ...
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User Friendly Experience

User Friendly Experience by Tomasz M.

For many years I have been building websites and tools to operate such websites and I've always been facing the problem of what is exactly "user friendly experience".  I have come up with the best possible solution - do the best you can, and then document the heck out of it. To begin with, the administrator has been built and rebuilt many times to fit common users needs. I understand that not everyone is proficient with computer use and I've always tried to make ...
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Speeding Up Your Websites

Speeding Up Your Websites by Tomasz M.

There are many reasons why the speed of your website matters.  To begin with - think of the people with dial-up!  Okay, just kidding... forget them folks - if they have dial-up they have no reason browsing through the web in the first place.  But some pages do load very slow, and lack of optimization may be causing slow downs.  Such slow downs could be frustrating to a regular user, and they might just leave your website instead of waiting for it to load up. Here...
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What's Find Your Net all about?

What's Find Your Net all about? by Tomasz M.

We're here to represent a multitude of different company types in their quest of taking over the internet Seriously! Well, okay, lets put it this way. We provide the know-how and the tools for small companies to coexist right up there among the corporate giants. Of course, nothing happens overnight, but everybody needs a starting point – and we provide that. What Find Your Net offers first and foremost is the web presence.  If your company does not have a website yet, then t...
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DUI vs DWI by Tomasz M.

People often ask about the difference between a DUI and a DWI.  You might have heard it used both ways.  DWI stands for driving while intoxicated, while DUI means driving under influence.  In short, DUI is a less of a charge where driver's BAC is less than 0.08.  Anything above that would be considered a DWI. Most states don't really follow this, and the only place where the distinction is applied is on a federal level, other states do not even use DUI at al...
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Are you required to sign your traffic ticket?

Are you required to sign your traffic ticket? by Tomasz M.

Some people ask me if they should sign their traffic ticket even though they feel that they did not do anything wrong. Yes - sign the ticket!  By signing a ticket you are not admitting guilt, you are merely stating that you will appear in court on the date appointed if necessary. If you refuse to sign the ticket then you can (and most probably will) be arrested. You might have to spend the night in jail – and, if you get arrested on a Friday, maybe even the weekend. Refus...
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Is Driving Class Required by Law?

Is Driving Class Required by Law? by Tomasz M.

There is no one answer to this question, as the answer varies from one state to the next. Therefore you may want to research your state's DMV website to find out the rules governing your jurisdiction.  For example, in Florida you cannot obtain a learner's permit ergo a driving license without first attending a driver's education course.  However, in California new drivers can obtain their learner's permit without any courses whatsoever. One thing is certain...
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Advice To All New Drivers

Advice To All New Drivers by Tomasz M.

There are no two drivers exactly alike, but there are specific types of new drivers. Some are thrilled to finally be sitting behind the wheel of a car. Others are terrified of the idea of having to drive in traffic and merge onto a freeway. The best advice that can be given to any new driver when they are about to begin their training is: "Listen". Your driving instructor is there to help you, guide and teach you how to handle a car on the road. Leave all of the assumptions ...
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Cody Traver

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