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Find an Office - Your one stop shop driving schools, driving instruction and driver education. Search for driving schools, driving instruction and driver education online by ZIP code. Register online and schedule your appointment, all in one place. is just one of the many children websites of Find Your Net network specializing in providing websites and other online services to small and large companies alike. Be sure to take a look at our services page to see all of the neat features you've been missing thus far. From domain hosting to social network linkup, Find Your Net is your one-in-all solution for your company's online needs.

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We are here to help your company work out all the kinks in your online presence. Our advisers will help you first with your own website and will continue giving you suggestions on what to do next to improve your existance on the web. We are continuously building tools that will automate and help you succeed online. Jump start your company by registering with Find out more by reading what we have to offer or browsing our blog. We are always eager to answer any other questions you might have about our driving schools, driving instruction and driver education type services, so feel free to contact us at any time.

Advice To All New Drivers

There are no two drivers exactly alike, but there are specific types of new drivers. Some are thrilled to finally be sitting behind the wheel of a car. Others are terrified of the idea of having to drive in traffic and merge onto a freeway.

The best advice that can be given to any new driver when they are about to begin their training is: "Listen". Your driving instructor is there to help you, guide and teach you how to handle a car on the road. Leave all of the assumptions of what driving is behind and listen very carefully to all of the instructions.

Along with listening to your instructor, here a few other helpful hints for all new drivers:

  • Buckle up! - The first thing you should do when you sit down in a car is to put on your seat buckle.
  • Regardless of whether it is mandatory in your state or not, it is your best defense in case of accident.
  • Adjust your mirrors. - The next thing to do after you have buckled up is to adjust your mirrors properly. Your rear view mirror should give you a view of the entire road behind you. Both of your side mirrors should not reflect the side of your car, but instead the entire lane beside your vehicle.
  • Be confident – not cocky. - Driving requires confidence – but cockiness will get you into trouble on the road. You should not be scared to merge with traffic, turn or park, but you should not be so overly confident that you forget basic road rules such as using your signals, driving too fast, or not stopping at stop signs.

Listen and pay attention and you should do well on your practical driver's exam.

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Quick answer is no, however we do offer Facebook page tab content.  If you are not familiar with what this means, you should read through our Facebook Part 1 and Facebook Part 2 articles.  The first article explains how to creat a facebook page, the second helps you set up a page tab that would be driven via Find Your Net network.  All steps are well demonstrated.

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